Our Beliefs

Our Schools are affiliated with the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and are conservative in the sense that we uphold strong Christian values and beliefs yet progressive in our capacity to deliver a single school approach across multiple campuses, and in the methods we employ to teach our curriculum.

 Our Schools are committed to a set of values that are based on the Holy Bible and believe in the moral protection of our children, encouraging parents to have an active interest in the education of their children.

As mainstream secular schools, there are no formal religious observances or services held at the School.

For further background information the endorsed Plymouth Brethren Christian Church site is: http://www.plymouthbrethrenchristianchurch.org/

OneSchool Values

In coming to this school each student, parent and staff member shall uphold the values of the school which include:

  • Integrity – uprightness, honesty and decorous conduct, governed by the holy bible
  • Care & Compassion – kindness, consideration and generosity at all times
  • Respect – for all people, property, opinions and authority
  • Responsibility – for our actions, progress and the environment
  • Commitment – to self-discipline and the pursuit of excellence