Our History

During the early 1990s a number of Christian parents who were members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church worked together to develop approved educational facilities that catered for their children.

Although relatively young, these schools have shown the determination and ability to be progressive and innovative with the capacity to adjust quickly to the changes in education.

Progress has continued with the Schools developing  learning programs to encompass primary and secondary year levels, in all countries where the Brethren families reside.

From each School's beginnings to today, dedication to the principle of ‘learning to learn’ continues as the motto..

Each school strives to equip students with the ability to think critically, process information perceptively, analyse data accurately and evaluate situations intelligently as part of their education and fulfilment of their potential.

The combining together of these schools under the One School banner has allowed increased collaboration, cooperation and support to enhance the education experience for every student. 


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