Our School

Our Schools are highly respected academic facilities that demand high standards. Schools are happy to be judged objectively against other schools on performance criteria, measured as the fulfilment of student potential and aligned to government standards.

We are committed to achieving the highest levels of teaching from our staff and academic potential from our students.

OneSchool has established and is committed to maintain an educational support structure that will provide for students located diversely throughout the world.

OneSchool Educational Philosophy 

Each student should be prepared with the skills to be a self-directed life-long learner.

Life-long learning is a quality of a student’s character and empowers them to exhibit leadership and make a meaningful commitment and contribution to the community, family and workplace.

To support students to be self-directed learners, teaching emphasizes the skill set of thinking critically, processing information perceptually, analysing data accurately and evaluating situations intelligently.

Students learn independently and collaboratively with peers and teachers.