Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver “a global education ecosystem that develops life-ready students who learn how to learn”.

Formerly, our vision referred to preparing ‘Career-Ready’ students. We have intentionally changed this to focus on the development of ‘Life-Ready’ students. Any school can prepare a student for a career, arguably few can truly prepare a student more holistically for life.

A career is a different concept today than that of years gone by. A student’s career might see them operate across multiple different professional fields throughout their working life. The days of doing the same thing for thirty years have passed.

Further, with the rapid changes in technology and automation some fields of work have ceased to exist or, at the very least, faced significant changes. And so, being ‘career-ready’ is no longer enough.

To ensure our students are life-ready, we need to teach differently. To be life-ready in today’s world, our students need to learn how to learn. To be life ready, our students need to develop independent and critical thinking skills, and skills such as teamwork and collaboration.

It is these skills that form an aptitude base that allows a student to adapt. Most importantly, these critical skills are transferable. When industry changes, when entire fields of work and job types are no longer required, it will be the life-ready, critical thinkers who stand the test of time and find new ways to add value.

At OneSchool, to deliver on this vision, we are prepared to do things differently. We challenge traditional and outdated pedagogical models. Our learning centres, the embeddedness of technology and ultimately our students are a testament to this.

Mission Statement

“Learning to Learn”

 The School is committed to creating and delivering learning programs that meet the educational   needs of each student, and to nurture the attitudes and skills necessary for the continual learning and personal growth throughout life.

“Learning to Learn” means to use learning as a tool whereby students are equipped with the ability to think critically, process information perceptually, analyse data accurately, and evaluate situations intelligently in order that they fulfil their true potential.

OneSchool Ethos

At OneSchool, we are committed to a culture where students are encouraged to develop their full potential and acquire the discipline of learning how to learn, while upholding Christian teachings and beliefs. 

The truth and authority of the Holy Bible and strong family values underpin the commitment of the School to provide quality in every facet of education – curriculum, teachers, facilities, management and discipline - in a safe and caring environment.  

Core Values

At OneSchool each student, parent and staff member shall uphold the values of the School which include:

Integrity – uprightness, honesty and decorous conduct, governed by the Holy Bible,

Care & Compassion - kindness, consideration and generosity to all,

Respect – for all people, property, opinions and authority,

Responsibility – for our actions, progress and the environment and

Commitment – to self-discipline and the pursuit of excellence.