Leadership Workshop at the Oatlands Campus

During sport on Friday the 31st of March, the Student Leadership Team gathered in the hall to take part in a workshop to promote team building skills and public speaking as well as to get to know one another better; we certainly succeeded!
We started off by playing a game called ‘One to Twenty’. We were all seated in a circle and Mrs Maxwell would say the number one and anybody at random could say the next number until 20. But if anyone clashed, we had to start again and again and again. After about 5 attempts, we figured out that we should come up with a strategy of catching someone’s eye which hints to them to say the number

The next focus game was called scream time, where we were all in a circle again and had to have our heads down. Mrs Maxwell would then say 3-2-1 and then we would have to look up at someone in the group and if they were looking at you the both of you would have to scream.

The last focus game we played was called ‘Yes’, which took some concentration, and this also required catching someone’s eye. The aim is to catch someone’s eye, and when you catch their eye they say “yes” and you have to slowly walk toward their spot in the circle. This game required teamwork as everyone needs to help each other out by saying “yes” so they don’t get out.

Then we stopped to have our Pizza and get prepared for some slightly more active games. One of them required getting into different teams and making different things out of the team members. This was a game that we all enjoyed. It required major team work to make different things such as the Harbour Bridge, afternoon tea, a train and a swing set with various amounts of people in the groups.
Then the mat game came up, we had to fit as many people as we could on a small mat, and somehow turn it upside down without getting any of our feet on the carpet. The first time we fitted 16 kids on and we ended up with only 9 left on because the others fell off. So we tried it a second time, with James holding Patrick, Jayden with Lachlan on his shoulders, Tessa on my back and Britt on Tara’s back. We managed to do it again but this time a lot more efficiently! That exercise was a fun one that required a major amount of reliability on each other, and teamwork.

As the afternoon was coming to an end we did the ‘FASHION SHOW’. We all had to split into four groups of five each group receiving 2 toilet paper rolls. My group was Lachlan A, Trent, Britt, Jayden and myself. Lachy was our model who got covered in toilet paper to somehow form a Hawaiian outfit which was some sort of a tank top with a Hula Skirt inspired and sponsored by Chanel.
This brought the afternoon to an end with everyone laughing and having fun. We all look forward to more of the workshops in the future!

Thanks Mrs Maxwell and fellow Student Leaders.
Ida Bulloch
Year 10 SLT Representative